Contest Update: FOCUS 2012 Shootout Winners

We want to thank everyone who participated in the 2012 FOCUS Shootout this year! After the entries were reviewed, we are excited to announce our winner!


Ian Marriott-Smith

Photo by: Ian Marriott-Smith

Some interesting facts about our winner:

  • He's not just a photographer, but also a sound engineer!
  • His Great-Great-Grandfather Henry Jenkins was a successful photographer with a studio in Tunbridge wells, and then many of his family after that. (You can see the Flickr Page for this here.)
  • He has a website - here!

So what were his thoughts on the shootout?

I saw the Westcott booth as soon as I walked into FOCUS on Imaging. It was packed for a seminar on the Quality of Light with Jim Schmelzer. I got some great tips but struggled a bit to get a good photo angle - I revisited just before I headed off and managed to grab a a few frames which I was really pleased with - great model and of course I can take no credit for the great lighting!!



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  1. marriottsmith 04/27/2012 at 5:32 am #

    Many thanks Westcott, had a great day at Focus on imaging researching and buying kit for my business , winning a competition was a bit of a bonus too!

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