Spiderlite on the Road by Rick Ferro

This year at Florida School my class was on weddings. I spent the morning photographing a bride and groom in the classroom. I covered basic lighting and posing, overexposing and everything in between.

There are quite a lot of locations on the campus. They had just renovated the building I decided to work in. The staircase was beautiful, but was still not bright enough to photograph without additional lights or strobes. I wanted to use my Spiderlite TD 3 with my portable battery and a very small soft box.



• I wanted to achieve a precise reading of the face.

• The meter is set to the Ambient Mode.

I placed the Meter under the chin, dome out, this way I know I was reading the highlight side as well as the shadow side of the face. My reading was f5.6 at 1/30 and ISO is 800. I positioned the bride so that I would have hair light, which is coming from the front door to the back of her veil.


• Placement of my Spiderlite TD3 is very important. I want the light to be higher than the subject’s face on a 45-degree angle. Make sure it is one stop less that the original exposure which is f5.6. All I’m doing is opening up the shadows under her eyes and adding a beautiful layer of light without compromising my original exposure f5.6 which is my main light source to begin with.

Camera: Canon Mark II

Lens: 70 -200


To create romance, I leaned her so that she could brace herself against the banister of the staircase. Now place his lips to her eyes that will give you the proper height to work in.



I have her in a two thirds view and the groom in a profile position. Her hand is camera right and softly placed to the side of her face. The grooms hand is also placed so that they are connected. I also want his hand to be small in the image. It is all about her eyes and romance.

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