Complete lighting kits

Complete kits contain all items necessary to create professional-quality images at home or in the studio.

Education is the difference

Each kit comes with an extensive 2-hour educational DVD on setup, operation, posing, high-key and low-key lighting, portraits, couples, full-length and more.

Create a perfect 2-to-1 lighting ratio

Educational kits include a custom-designed floor mat and guide card showing exact placement of lights and subjects to create a perfect 2-to-1 lighting ratio.

Power, precision and portability

Strobelite offers 300 effective-watt seconds of power in a compact, self-contained unit.

Freeze action

Strobelite allows the ability to freeze action by usng a powerful flash of light.

Easily accessorize

A quick-release plate and built-in umbrella mount allow for attachment of a wide range of accessories.


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