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Scrim Jim Medium Flat Black Block Fabric (1)

Scrim Jim Medium Flat Black Block Fabric

SKU: 1876 | Retail value: $131.90

  • Subtract or block unwanted light
  • Heavy-duty duvetyn fabric
  • Sets up in seconds
  • Ideal for on location
  • Can substitute as a backdrop
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Subtract light

Subtract light.

When lighting on your subject's face is too bright and cannot be adjusted, you can use this black block to subtract (or pull away) light.

Block overhead sunlight

Block overhead sunlight.

Due to the thick nature of this black block duvetyn fabric, sunlight from overhead can be completely blocked. This is also helpful for blocking unwanted light from a window or door.

Heavy duty fabric

Heavy duty fabric.

No substitutes here. Our industry-standard duvetyn fabric insures the light is fully blocked to the level you'd expect.

Bonus backdrop

Bonus backdrop.

As an added bonus, use this fabric as a black backdrop. Perfect for low-key lighting.

Quick set up

Quick set up.

As fabrics easily attach to the frame through the use of hook and loop tape, changes can be made in seconds. No straps to tie and untie every time a fabric needs changed.

Industrial tape

Industrial tape.

Fabrics easily attach to the frame through the use of automotive grade industrial hook and loop tape.

Easily hand held

Easily hand held.

This fabric incorporates four openings for easy hand-holding of the frame and fabric.

Corner straps

Corner straps.

Each fabric is designed with four corner straps that wrap around each corner of the Scrim Jim frame. HINT! When attaching a fabric to the frame, secure these four corners first. This will help provide for the most even and taut fit.

Modular Design

Modular Design.

The ultimate in portability and versatility, 1 Scrim Jim frame can create up to four different sizes. With over 35 fabrics offered, this system provides what you need to shoot indoors or outdoors.

Ideal for outdoor photographers

Ideal for outdoor photographers.

Take anywhere by simply throwing in a gear bag, Scrim Jim frames and fabrics fold down to fit into one portable carry case.

Product Specifications

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SKU 1876
Warranty Five year on fabrics against manufactuer's defect.
Material Black Duvetyn
Care Instructions Spot clean by hand with non-bleach laundry detergent.

Item Specifications

Item Width 42.0" (1.1 m)
Item Length 72.0" (1.8 m)
Item Depth 0.1" (0.3 cm)
Item Weight 1.5 lbs. (0.7 kg)
Folded Width 9.0" (22.9 cm)
Folded Length 11.0" (27.9 cm)
Folded Depth 2.8" (7.0 cm)

Shipping Specifications

Packaged Width 12.0" (30.5 cm)
Packaged Length 12.0" (30.5 cm)
Packaged Height 4.0" (10.2 cm)
Packaged Weight 2.1 lbs. (0.9 kg)

Package Contents:

  • (1) 42" x 72" Md Black Block Panel

Additional Information

Reflector/Scrim Group

Scrim Jim

Reflector/Scrim Product Type



Backdrop, Blocker or Subtractor

Fabric Options

Black Block

Reflector/Scrim Length

61″ – 80″

Reflector/Scrim Width

41″ – 60″