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Spiderlite TD3 Hairlight Kit (1)
Spiderlite TD3 Hairlight Kit (2)Spiderlite TD3 Hairlight Kit (3)Spiderlite TD3 Hairlight Kit (4)Spiderlite TD3 Hairlight Kit (5)Spiderlite TD3 Hairlight Kit (6)Spiderlite TD3 Hairlight Kit (7)Spiderlite TD3 Hairlight Kit (8)Spiderlite TD3 Hairlight Kit (9)Spiderlite TD3 Hairlight Kit (10)Spiderlite TD3 Hairlight Kit (11)Spiderlite TD3 Hairlight Kit (12)Spiderlite TD3 Hairlight Kit (13)

Spiderlite TD3 Hairlight Kit

SKU: 4891 | Retail value: $839.90

  • Ideal hair light kit
  • Included heavy-duty boom arm
  • Lightweight Spiderlite TD3 head
  • Included travel case
  • Lamps included
SKU: 4891. Categories: , , .

All metal construction

All metal construction.

The Spiderlite TD3 is constructed of all-metal, no plastic to break.

Adjust light output

Adjust light output.

Two separate controls allow the ability to adjust light output, without changing color temperature. With an adjustable rheostat, every time adjustments are made, color temperature can shift greatly. By utilizing these switches, your color stays constant which means you are only white balancing your camera once!

Small size, big output

Small size, big output.

This small lamp packs a punch with over 120 equivalent watts of power. (3 pack = 360 equivalent watts)

True daylight color

True daylight color.

Here at Westcott, we only offer the best. This lamp is true daylight color temperature. Don't settle for imitations that can shift color up to 400-degrees.

Long lasting results

Long lasting results.

Unlike photofloods that only last up to 60 hours, this lamp is rated for over 8,000 hours of consistent performance and color.

Keep your light stand out of the shot

Keep your light stand out of the shot.

This heavy-duty boom arm is perfect when used in conjunction with hair lights as it allows you to bring lights in overhead from a distance making sure your light stands stay off set and out of the image.

Included counterweight

Included counterweight.

No need to buy an additional sand bag as the counterweight is built into the boom arm.

Durable construction

Durable construction.

These high-quality light stands incorporate tubing that is 2x thicker than most tubing commonly found on market. This will provide extra durability as well as product longevity.

Wide leg spread

Wide leg spread.

Legs are designed specially to have a wider spread offering added stability when set up in the studio or on location.

Two cases in one

Two cases in one.

This location carry case actually give you two separate cases for the price of one. Use them individually or place the smaller bag inside the larger bag for easy travel.

Product Specifications

SKU 4891
Warranty The warranty for this kit is based per product. Warranty periods range from 1 year to lifetime. Please review each product individually to determine it's applicable warranty.
Material Please see individual kit items for details

Item Specifications

Kit Width 44.0" (111.8 cm)
Kit Length 10.0" (25.4 cm)
Kit Depth 11.0" (Kit Depth 11.0")
Kit Weight 26.6 lbs. (12.0 kg)

Shipping Specifications

Packaged Width 13.0" (33.0 cm)
Packaged Length 53.0" (134.6 cm)
Packaged Height 14.0" (35.6 cm)
Packaged Weight 33.0 lbs. (14.9 kg)

Package Contents:

  • (1) Spiderlite TD3

  • (3) 30-watt Daylight Fluorescent Lamps

  • (1) 12" x 36" Stripbank

  • (1) Spiderlite TD3 Adapter Ring

  • (1) 10' Heavy-duty Light Stand

  • (1) 6' Boom Arm with Counterweight

  • (1) Location Carry Case

Additional Information

Lighting Group

Spiderlite TD Series

Product Type

1-Light Kits

Lamp Sockets

3 – Spiderlite TD3

Lighting Type

Constant Lighting

Lamp Type

Fluorescent, Tungsten


Carry Case Included